Spousal Support


You might be sacrificing your own career to come to South Africa.

You will certainly be leaving friends and family behind.

You will be leaving the security and convenience of knowing where to go and what to do in every situation.

My colleagues and I will be your first and lasting friends in South Africa. We will bring our tool-kit to help with your integration, personal growth and adaptation.

Here’s what we will do for you

We will sit down with you for a good deep discussion and map out your aspirations, plans, ideas and interests. We will also talk about your concerns and fears and talk about everything you need to talk about.

Together, we will work on an action plan strategy to help you get started.

We will have your CV evaluated by a specialist recruiter.

We will give you written advice and recommendations on possible remunerated jobs or voluntary work based on your CV, our labour and immigration laws.
We will introduce you to groups of interest, social activities, charity groups, and education enrichment advice in line with your interests and strengths.

We will put all our findings, information and recommendations into a written document which you can refer to any time.

We will meet you regularly and touch base over the phone to ensure you feel safe and secure and receive all our support, in case you start feeling lost and forget to call us.

We will simply be there for you and share all our knowledge and expertise to help you start feeling at home as fast as possible.

Contact us today and be amazed at how much we can do for you!

I wish to thank you for your great and long lasting support during the house search, preparation and the final move in to the new home. Really appreciated !
With best regards,


You are a star and a negotiator of note!
Kind Regards
Ilske Bredenkamp